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Family law regulates the legal relationships of people who are linked by marriage, family and relatives as well as the legal relationships within the framework of custody, care and guardianship relationships.

Divorce of marriage

Furthermore, questions about a divorce are of central importance. First of all, extensive advice on the consequences of separation and divorce, including possible maintenance, is required. If you have decided to separate, arrangements must be made for the separation period. These include the sometimes complex legal issues relating to the marital home, access rights for children together, custody and so-called separation maintenance. Then, usually after the end of the year of separation, the divorce and the consequences of the divorce (pension compensation, gain, post-marital maintenance) must be settled.

Divorce by mutual consent

In principle, an amicable divorce can and should be sought in order to keep the costs of the divorce proceedings as low as possible. Often, however, this is no longer possible, so that in these cases legal advice should be obtained as early as possible in order not to endanger your own claims.

Claims arising from the matrimonial property regime

Questions relating to property law are also a central component of family law disputes and must be addressed on the occasion of divorce proceedings. German spouses without a marriage contract regularly live in the property regime of the community of gains. The peculiarity of this property regime is that contrary to popular opinion, the legal property rights of the spouses remain separate during the marriage. When the marriage ends, only one of the spouses has a financial compensation claim against the other spouse, namely the so-called gain compensation claim.

Maintenance in family law

The term “maintenance” denotes the obligation of one person to secure the livelihood of another person in whole or in part. Maintenance claims under family law can arise in the following exemplary cases:

  • Child support towards the children
  • Maintenance of the spouse or partner in a registered partnership
  • Parental support towards the parents
  • Maintenance of other family members

The pension adjustment or the adjustment of pension rights

In the event of a divorce, the pension entitlements acquired during the marriage must be divided as part of the so-called pension equalization.

Legal questions about real estate and taxes

In addition to the areas already mentioned, disputes about shared property arise time and again in family law proceedings.


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